Porcelain paving is one of the most beautiful additions you can make to a garden or patio, and here at Stephen Gibson Paving we’re delighted to bring you a wonderful range of this premium product.

Our attention to detail is what makes an installation look great so why not enhance the appearance and increase the value of your home!

We source our Porcelain from Italy and the benefits of Porcelain speaks for itself. This material is anti-slip, chromatically fast which means the colours are absolutely stable and are not altered by exposure to the sun, atmospheric agents and smog. It is easy to clean, as it does not retain organic substances and bacteria. Porcelain is also resistant to abrasion and wear better than any natural material. Porcelain stoneware resists frost, in the presence of water at temperatures below 0 ° C, it does not suffer damage due to tensions related to the increase in water volume due to freezing.